Curtains – types

Although nowadays, curtains are treated mainly as a decorative product, they may very well prove themselves as protection against sunlight. Of course, the material from which they were made plays a huge role in this aspect. Most of them are characterized by high light transmission, so their use is recommended in interiors with windows on the north side. What types of curtains are currently available on the market?

Between the curtain and the curtain

The hybrid assortment, i.e. one that consistently combines the features of curtains and curtains (referred to as inbetween), will work in brighter rooms. Less permeability and greater fabric thickness will increase the protective function, which will translate into multidirectional use of the product. In turn, thanks to ready-made panel curtains, we will increase the attractiveness of selected spaces – such curtains are characterized by considerable atypicality, which will color the interior and give it freshness. It should also be noted that this type is considered one of the simplest and fastest when it comes to its installation.

Enthusiasts of all decorative solutions should be interested in a group of curtains and curtains, which are mainly used for decorative purposes. These are usually made of thin, light and bright fabrics, which are recommended in the spring and summer season. Although they are characterized by high light transmission and clearly translucent, their visual advantages are indisputable. Thanks to decorative curtains, we will give color to our spaces, while increasing the aesthetic value of these surfaces.

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